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Sir James Devitt Bt MA

Over the past five years we have assisted both seasoned investors and new market entrants to judge the merits of hotel acquisitions across the UK. Whether it is in expanding an existing business, launching a new brand or acquiring an operating platform these clients seek our independence, integrity and market knowledge to help turn their visions into reality.” September, 2018

Herald Clients

Clients who have chosen to use Herald include:

Armadilla International
Bespoke Hotels
DRC Capital
Great Wolf Resorts
Hayfin Capital Management
Hudson Advisors Ltd
Leonardo Hotels

Lone Star Europe Acquisitions LLP
Perseus Capital
Ralph Trustees Limited
Sir Richard Sutton Ltd
Somerston Capital

HERALD HOTELS was founded in June 2013 when Managing Director James Devitt saw an opportunity to create a truly independent hotel purchasing advisory company. Utilising his long experience as a property agent and advisor in the sector, James uses his connections to build a bespoke team for each assignment under his personal direction.

Herald offers the personal service and attention to detail which cannot be matched in large organisations. Experience of large international portfolio transactions, debt advisory work, valuations, rent reviews and leading hotel development projects stand Herald in good stead to face all aspects of hotel purchases with equanimity. In short, they are the team to have on your side.